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About mountains and paint

by dnews7

Marmaris is located in a beautiful bay, surrounded by mountains on all sides, so on the second day of rest we ordered a tour of the jeep-spari and traveled all the surroundings. The event was very dusty. Two hours later, we were brought to a village in the mountains in the mountains, the inhabitants of which make business beneficial in road dust – they sell water pistols. We acquired two and were not alone – as a result, a “water” war occurred between the crews of different jeeps. And after a couple of days with the guys from our hotel, we rented a car and drove to neighboring Fethiye. Although neighboring – it is said loudly, we got to him for two hours on a mountain serpentine, we stopped on the road at the canyon. I have not seen anything like this before: completely sheer slopes, and an ice river stretches along the narrow bottom. To the end of the river, or rather to the waterfall, we reached forty minutes – except for the current, huge boulders blocked the road, and in the end we had to swim in general. But we did not regret it: the waterfall turned out to be small, the canyon itself became very narrow, and the game of light in it practically deprived us of the stupid. Having admired a wonderful sight, we went on the return path to the car … From the canyon to the Fethiye arrived quickly. Fethih – the resort is more fashionable than Marmaris, and therefore more calm. I, accustomed to noisy parties, seemed extinct, albeit unusually beautiful. There is a Turkish Dead Sea – very salty, there is a “ordinary” sea, Mediterranean, only the water in it is so clean and blue that it seems as if a bucket with bright blue paint has been poured.

About movement.

Young people in Marmaris move on mopeds: along the roads, next to each bar or club there are countless. We also rented a moped, however, for one, the penultimate day, and regretted that we did not do this before – when there is your own means of transportation, you feel independence: in the evening you do not need to wait for the minibus to get to the city center, and in the afternoon you can get to which -something cozy, quiet bay. In addition, if you wish, you can ride on mountain roads, however, this is more dangerous than riding in the city, and requires a certain experience of driving, unlike Moscow in Turkey to drive this simple type of transport still requires rights. What, if you think about it, is right.

About foam and security.

All Marmaris consists of hotels, clubs, bars, cafes, shops. The question of where to go in the evening is solved quickly and easy. There is always an incendiary disco near the hotel. But the center of night life is Bar Street. The sounds of music are heard from all sides: tired of lighting under the frantic rhythms of House – move to the neighboring club with fashionable RNB; If you want to listen to a more familiar pop one, is also not a problem; But the main thing is that there is lightness, ease, there is absolutely no pathos and snobbery. None of the Clubs on Bar Street is empty, although there are especially popular places. The Crazy Daizy disco attracts vacationers, primarily a foam party, arranged here every night, closer to 4 o’clock, that’s where the real fun! After the end of one such party, wet, from head to toe in foam, slightly tired of loud music and dancing, we, having changed our minds to meet the Turkish dawn on the embankment, reached the hotel by taxi, and then a bright thought occurred to us: to swim in the pool to wash off foam faster, at 5 in the morning with a wild laughter we began to dive into the pool. We did it noisily, and after five minutes, two guards and hotel manager stood at the side. But instead of expeling us, the manager in English explained that it was worth behaving quieter, and said that they would stand here and will make sure that nothing happened to us. And indeed, all the time while we were swimming, the guards with the flashlight counted us over the heads, it seems, sincerely worried. Such a manifestation of concern was very touched by us!

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