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Samara is an old city on the banks of the Volga with a rich history. It was founded in 1586. People who grew up in the Soviet Union still remember him as the city of Kuibyshev.

Samara, being the regional center, is the focus of scientific, industrial, cultural and economic activity of the entire field. There are many factories and factories, the main areas of activity of which: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, space development and aviation. Various city life attracts people with various interests and classes in Samara. And a large stream of domestic and foreign tourists is due to the presence of many historical and architectural attractions.

Gathering to Samara, it is better to prepare for this trip in advance. In order to spend time in this city with maximum benefit and enjoy its diversity, you need a guide to Samara. From it you can learn about the most interesting attractions for you, how to get to them and the time of their work.

And to see in Samara there really is something to. The appearance of the city has largely retained its original old Russian identity. In Samara, an abundance of real Russian temples and churches that have not changed their appearance since the construction. Voznesensky Cathedral and Peter and Paul Temple, amaze with its traditional beauty and grandeur. Very good snow -white Pokrovsky Cathedral. And more recently, in the interests of the local Tatar community, the largest Muslim mosque in the country was built here.

From the point of view of architectural interests, you can admire the drama theater (Chichagov architect m., 1887-1888.), apart and. Klodt, similar to a fairy -tale house and the Olympus circus building, built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Samara guide will offer to familiarize himself with the variety of Samara museums. In addition to a large number of traditional museums: local history, artistic and others, there are such distinctive museums as: bunker and bunker and. Stalin, Museum of Folk costumes of the Samara province, Museum of Archeology of the Volga region.

In general, Samara is a charming and comfortable city. Tourists who are interested in the history of Russia, architecture and simply lovers of beauty will find many objects here worthy of their attention.

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