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Antique city of Ephesus

by dnews7

Perhaps more, the attractions of ancient times in Turkey have been preserved than in any other country. These include Faselis, the city of Side, the Aspendos, the sank of Kekov (Simen) and, of course, the ephes.

The city of Ephesus is located near the famous Bodrum, a resort in the Aegean Sea.

Ephesus is the oldest city of Hellenes, who founded it in about the ninth century BC. It is here that all the grandeur of the cultural and historical heritage, both Turkey and the rest of the world, is still noticeable.

Ephesus is the largest ancient city, which has survived to this day. Maybe that’s why it is here that you can feel the whole atmosphere of life of distant ancestors of a person.

Surprisingly, the fact: the appearance of the hilt has practically not changed. To ancient buildings and memos, most of which have no analogues in the world, are led by streets paved several centuries ago with white marble.

In this city alone, so many attractions are collected, the most famous of which are the temple of the emperor of the Roman Empire of Adrian, the Troyan Fountain, the temple of the god of fertility of Siracyx, the ruins of the Sanctuary of the nymph, the Celsus library and twelve thousand scrolls from Poragain, as well as the temple of Artemis, ranked seven miracles. Sveta.

Speaking of the latter, unfortunately, we have to admit that today we can see only the ruins of a grandiose temple. Scientists have restored its original appearance, however, the whole temple of Artemis can only be seen on a paper sketch.

Currently, one column of the temple has been restored, on the top of which there is a jack of a stork nest. This phenomenon is symbolic, since Artemis was considered the goddess-mother.

Another mother who lived in Ephesus is no less famous. We are talking about the Virgin Mary, who completed her life path in one of the city houses. It was in Ephesus that the dogma was adopted, according to which Virgin Mary was recognized as the Virgin Mary.

Walks along the deserted city streets, visiting the temple of Artemis and other shrines, involuntarily draw in the imagination a picture of the onceliving ancient city with an original way of life, their laws and customs.

Time did not stand still, one century was replaced by another, but here, in Ephesus, as anywhere else, the wealth and beauty of the ancient world is still felt in another place.

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