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BMW 5-Series Touring by Kelleners Sport

by dnews7

Tuning Atelier Kelleners Sport has prepared a package of improvements for the new BMW 5-Series Touring. The finalization package includes an altered appearance, as well as work to increase engine power. Of the external features, it is worth noting the presence of a new front and rear bumper, side linings on the thresholds, as well as new 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels shod in special racing rubber. And this is not all the external changes that the German universal has undergone.

So that BMW 5-serialituring looks even more sporty, experts underestimated the suspension and installed a new exhaust system with four nozzles. From technical improvements will note an increase in power. If the standard version of version 535D developed about 313 horsepower and 618 nm of torque, then after the work done, its power increased to 376 and 558 nm. And version 550i with an initial power of 407 liters. With. and 600 nm began to develop about 490 liters. With. and 531 nm torque. Experts also offer an individual salon tuning. By the way, recall that more recently, the Bavarian company has released a completely new BMW 3-Series Sports Wagon 2013 model year.

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