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Atelier MR Car Design worked on Opel Insignia OPC

by dnews7

Tuning Atelier MR Car Design presented its last work to modernize the appearance and technical characteristics of the German sports sedan Opel Insignia OPC. The list of external changes includes replacing standard wheels with new 20-inch alloy wheels from Oxigin, installing pneumatic suspension from G-Ride, which is capable of lowering the machine to the ground as low as possible to the ground. The masters from the MR Car Design studio did not forget to work on the Opel Insignia OPC engine.

After the work done, the turbocharged 2, 8-liter V6 engine, initially developing 325 horsepower and 430 nm of torque, began to develop 375 horsepower and 495 nm of torque. Also, from improvements, it is worth noting the presence of a new exhaust system and a new body kit, consisting of the front and rear bumper, as well as side skirts. From ourselves, we add that the underestimated suspension and properly selected discs change the appearance of the car in the radical way for the better. We also advise you to read about the tuning of Infiniti FX from Lorinser and Renault Duster tuning by Elia AG experts.

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