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Audi TT RS Plus produces 360 liters. With.

by dnews7

The new Audi TT RS Plus sports coupe was represented by the German automaker, as can be seen, the novelty began to iron much stronger than the standard TT RS model. Also, German experts were able to make the compartment a little more powerful, the new Audi TT RS plus received an additional 20 liter. With. and 11 Nm. torque. As a result, the total power began to equal 360 liters. With. and 343 nm of torque.

A new installed package called Performance Plus for a compartment of the S-Tronic equipped transmission allows you to disperse a car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4. 1 seconds, and the model equipped with a mechanical transmission accelerates in 4, 3 seconds. Exactly the same dynamic characteristics are dismantled by the new BMW M6 2013 model year. Roadster Audi TT RS equipped with a bag Performance Plus shows the indicators a little worse. The model with an automatic gearbox accelerates in 4. 2 seconds, and with a mechanical gearbox for 44. Both models of the class and compartment have a speed limiter at 280 km/h. As for external changes, the novelty was equipped with a new radiator grill. new double exhaust pipes and parts made of carbon fiber. Also, the car received a new set of wheels with 19-inch discs painted in a black mat and with red trim. The cost of the Audi TT RS Plus 2012 varies between 60 600 65 650 euros, depending on the type of transmission.

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