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BMW recalls almost one and a half million cars

by dnews7

It looks like a German BMW company came a black strip, t. To. The car producer recalls about 1. 3 million. cars around the world, including 367,000 cars in the USA and 290,000 in Germany. The main models that pose the threat was the BMW 5-Series and BMW 6-Series released from 2003 to 2010. The representative of the Bavarian company talk about the identified problems in the battery electrical circuit, as it turned out, this malfunction can lead to problems when operating the electronic system of the car and failures during the launch of the power unit.

All owners of faulty cars are invited to immediately send their BMW to official dealers, all work related to the correction of the defect will be eliminated absolutely free. A pleasant news will be information that the problem is eliminated in less than 30 minutes. Note that this year the BMW is not the only car company that recalls its products due to faults.  More recently, on the Internet, the information was full of the fact that the American author of General Motors recalled about 6,000 cars with a defect in the shaft of the steering mechanism. Jeep also had to admit at the beginning of the year that about 7,000 Grand Cheeroke SUVs left the factory with the problem associated with the brake system. Over the past five years, BMW cars have been admitted more than once by one of the most reliable cars, we hope that this annoying story will not affect the number of sales and the reliability of future models.

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