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BMW 3-Series Li for China market

by dnews7

At the Beijing Auto Show, which starts this month, the German concern BMW will present a special version of the BMW 3-Series for the Chinese market. From the standard version, the BMW 3-Series Li model has an elongated wheelbase, it is worth noting that the car will be assembled at the new Shenyan factory in China. Recall that more recently, the Bavarian company demonstrated the BMW 3-Series GT and BMW 3-Series Wagon 2013, but already for the European market.

The new treshka (like 7-Series LI is built on an elongated base of the 7th series) built on a standard “threek” plate elongated by 11 cm platform. Thanks to the elongated platform, the car intended for the Chinese market is able to provide more free space for passengers in the rear seat. It is worth noting that perhaps this model is a leader among the average premium sedans. As for the technical characteristics, the potential owner is offered a choice between three modifications of the BMW 320LI, 328LI and 335LI equipped 2. 0 liter engine developing 184 liters. With. and 270 nm torque, 2. 0 liter four -cylinder power 245 liters. With. and 450 nm, as well as 3. 0 liter six -cylinder power 305 liters. With. and 400 nm torque, respectively. Thanks to modern technologies, fuel saves, the average car consumption is about 6. 0-7. 2 liters per 100 km. The cost of the BMW 3-Series LI will be named at the Beijing Auto Show.

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