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BMW X5 Typhoon Tuning G-Power

by dnews7

Finally, we have the opportunity to share with you one of the most anticipated modifications of the BMW X5 from the eminent tuning G-Power is called Typhone. The main features of the presented German SUV is a 525 liter engine. C and new parts of the body, which make the car wider and below. The new set includes a new wide front and rear bumper, new wide wheel arches with air intakes aimed at cooling brake calipers.

We also note that a massive front bumper has a unique design containing all the same air intakes. In total, the German SUV added about 7 cm width. In addition to the new body Kita, experts installed a new set of wheels with 23-inch discs shod in Michelin sports tires. A new light-gun color completes the sports image, according to the statement a new version that will be released in a month will have a dark cannon color. And most importantly, G-Power engineers did the engine power to 525 liters. C and 600 nm torque. The power increase has influenced the dynamics, now the SUV is able to overcome the mark of 0 – 100 km/h in less than 6, 2 seconds, and the mark is 0 up to 200 for18, 4 seconds, most of the sports cars will envy such indicators.

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