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Türkiye is an ideal place for a good rest

by dnews7

Tours to exotic Turkey have long been holding the palm of the championship in tourist circles. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that before going to this eastern country, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of stay in Turkey.

Every traveler should have a tourist’s memo. Well, if the tourist was not too lazy, and learned a foreign language, preferably English, which will help if necessary to explain with representatives of law enforcement or a local resident.

For a trip to Turkey, you need a foreign passport, in which it is necessary to enter children who have not reached the age of 14. A separate passport is issued for older children.

Visa is obtained at the entrance. Its cost is twenty dollars. It is reasonable to prepare minor money so as not to defend a long queue in anticipation.

You should be in advance of the issue of air tickets, the presence of an insurance medical policy that can be issued when ordering a tourist ticket to the agency itself.

The country’s hot climate implies a certain probability of infectious infectious diseases. However, if you follow the elementary rules, such a fate can be avoided.

Before leaving for Turkey, it is better to make all the necessary vaccinations.

Having acquired juicy fruits or vegetables in the eastern bazaar, it is necessary to wash them with antiseptic soap. Do not drink water water water. For these purposes, a high -quality bottled water is sold in the country.

Unfortunately, Turkey is still on the list of countries in which flashes of epidemics of malaria are likely. For safety reasons, before going for the next tour, you should find out how active the malaria mosquito is in the field of its holding – a pedagogue of infection. It is also worth purchasing a means to protect against various insects.

The most popular such remedy is the repellent from mosquitoes, which produces ultrasonic waves. The device is much more effective than a mosquito net, and it can be used not only indoors, but also on the street.

Like any other resort country, Türkiye has hard customs control. It is reasonable to familiarize yourself with the list of things permitted for importing, honestly fill out the declaration and in which it is not necessary to try to introduce narcotic substances, weapons or medicines with a significant dose of drugs into the country.

In conclusion, it must be said about the beach. Going ashore, be sure to stock up on sunscreen. Do not be under the straight rays of the sultry luminar.

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