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Breads with cheese and nuts

by dnews7

Composition for 6 sandwiches:

6 bread

120 grams of cheese with blue mold

120 grams of soft melted cheese without additives

2 tablespoons of cream with fat content 33%

100 grams of walnuts

1 Tarhuna twig


Nuts should be intact, that is, just buy them in the store will be difficult. Well, or you have to torture the seller, choosing 12 halves of walnut. These halves of nuts will serve as a decoration of sandwiches. Halves are included in 100 grams specified in the composition. The remaining nuts need to be crushed.

After that, fragmented nuts along with cheeses (melted and mold) are laid in cream in a blender and press the button.


After the blender stops, we will get a pasta, which we smear on bread. Next, we put two halves of walnut and two Tarhuna leaves on each bread.

Delicious sandwiches!

P. S. Rare ingredients can be replaced with the most ordinary and affordable, that is, you can take ordinary flooded cheese, hard cheese, instead of moldy “blue blood”, parsley or celery, instead of tarhun.

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