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Rest in Misheror

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MISHOR Sanatorium Crimea Mishor is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Crimean Peninsula. MISHOR is a beach strip about 10 km wide, which is limited by the Black Sea from the south side and mountains of Ai-Petri-from the North. A fairly large number of tourists choose a MISHOR and the sanatorium in MISHOR for vacation and buy a tour online, as they consider this resort the most comfortable, warm and clean place on the entire coast of the Black Sea.

A favorable climate creates the conditions for the functioning of a huge number of sanatoriums of Mishor, health resorts and boarding houses. Thousands of tourists annually seek to get into one of the recreational centers in Mishero, located in the middle of the greenery of parks stretching along the coast. Thanks to the skillful combination of modern treatment methods with a healing climate, Misheror rightfully received a reputation as a resort, where there is a chance to cure many diseases.

In the summer, the resort gives the opportunity to enjoy the heating sun, fresh air and a warm sea daily. Water entertainment is very popular among tourists. Catamarans, water scooters, bananas – this is not all that are at the disposal of those who wish. In addition, a fairly interesting alternative to the beach is diving with scuba gear. Such an active vacation at the resort is useful not only for adults, but also to children who will never prevent their health. It is for this reason that the resort is especially popular with families, and for sure, too, you and your family will want to look for a tour online.

One of the most famous attractions of Mishor is the singing fountain – one of a kind throughout the Crimean peninsula. Here the cable car begins to Mount Ai-Petri. This cable car is at an altitude of 1200 meters and gives an unforgettable opportunity to inspect the surroundings of the resort and enjoy the beauty of nature.

MISHORY Park is another popular resort attraction. It was based on the site of the old forest, and this can be seen in small particles of wildlife in the park. Each tourist who came for relaxation is simply obliged to take a walk along the Cyparisian alley, under the canopy of centuries -old oaks, sequois and other exotic trees. After the visualization of such beauties, any tourist writes colorful reviews about Misheror, dreaming of returning here again and again.

If you get out of the resort, you can visit the famous Lastochkinn Nest restaurant, Livadia and Vorontsov palaces, which are samples of architectural masterpieces. These are the main excursion routes coming from Mishor.

If you want to relax and improve your health, but face a difficult choice, pay attention to this wonderful resort, and you will not regret.

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