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Chicken roll with omelet

by dnews7

To prepare a chicken roll with an omelet, you will need 2 kg of chicken, a couple of eggs, about 5 t. tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoon of flour, ground pepper, garlic, as well as greens and bay leaf to your taste, and do not forget a little butter for frying.

Before preparing a chicken roll with an omelet, prepare the chicken, gently saving it from the bones. Next, soften the resulting fillet, salt it and add spices, leave the meat for a while.

Prepare a chicken roll omelet in parallel. To do this, beat the proteins and yolks separately, and then combine them by adding milk, salt with pepper and flour. Fry the omelet in a hot pan.

Next, proceed to cook chicken roll with an omelet, for which put the last on the chicken. Twist it all in chicken roll and wrap with foil in several layers, and its edges tightly fasten. Put the workpiece in an oblong shape and pour salted cold water, adding garlic and bay leaf. Prepare a chicken roll with an omelet in a hot oven a little more than an hour. Let the dish cool without getting it out of the form, and put it in the refrigerator. After a few hours you can get your roll, remove the foil and serve it on the table, cutting it with slices.

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