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Carrot-apple juice with beets

by dnews7


1 small beetle

1 Medium -sized carrots

1 apple (sweet)



Thoroughly washed with running water all the ingredients for carrot-apple juice with beets. Then we cut the peel from the apple and beets, scrape off the carrots. It is better to rinse under a stream of water again. Then we cut the peeled fruits into carrot-apple juice with beets into small pieces and pushing them into a juicer. If the juicer is powerful, then the pieces may not be very small, otherwise – the smaller the pieces, the better.


Press the start in a juicer and get carrot-apple juice with beets, which, nevertheless, can not drink yet. So that it can be without prejudice and even use it, you need to dilute it with clean water. Any water will come down, but if you take it from the crane, it is better to boil it and let it cool.

For your information.

Carrot-apple juice with beetroot is very useful for blood, as it contains a lot of sodium, which helps to absorb calcium. Very good carrot-apple juice with beets to drink to those who have recently lost a lot of blood or women with a menstrual cycle. Such juice can and should be drunk every day, approximately half a glass (you can less).

be healthy!

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