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Chicken soup broth

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Chicken soup can be cooked with noodles, vermicelli, vegetables and even mushrooms. The most common and familiar to us since childhood is soup with noodles welded on the chicken broth. So that it turns out to be really tasty noodles is better to make it yourself, and not buy it in the store. The list of necessary products If you are going to cook chicken soup, be sure to purchase the following products: • chicken-1-1, 5 kg; • Onhum is a onion – 100 g.; • carrots – 150 gr.; • dill greens – 1 bun; • Home noodles – 250 gr.; • Salt, spices to taste. Preparing soup on chicken broth chicken must be washed well, pour water and cook broth from it. So that your broth is light, do not forget to remove the foam when the water boils, and in the process of cooking, be sure to put washed and cleaned carrots and onions in it. After preparing the broth, the vegetables should be removed and thrown away. Cooked chicken also needs to be taken out and disassembled into pieces. Send pieces to the pan again. Pour the noodles into the finished broth and cook it until cooked. When the noodles are boiled, add the greens, bay leaf, mix and let it boil. Now our chicken soup is ready to serve on the table.

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