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Olivier salad

by dnews7

This is a fairly common salad that enjoys great success and is most often used in everyday life. And in a magnificent breakfast, he will also look at the proper level – both in taste and external design. Everyone knows about his nutrition. The products that it consists are also very well combined and are easily absorbed.


2 medium -sized potatoes

200 grams of beef or chickens (boiled)

2 fresh cucumber

3 eggs

Green onions

2 apples (better variety – Antonovka)



A little cilantro

3 tablespoons of green peas (canned)

A couple of capers

2 table. spoon. mayonnaise

2 table. spoon. Sourcers


Boil potatoes in a uniform (in the peel), clean and, after cooling down, cut into small cubes.

Also cut boiled beef or chicken, apples, cucumbers and eggs, boiled boiled. Create green onions, parsley and cilantro. Then everything needs to be mixed. Add green peas, capers and mix again.

Then salt and pepper to this mixture and season with sour cream with mayonnaise. Decorate this salad with circles of eggs, cucumbers and herbs.

Bon appetit!

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