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Soup with sausage

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Soup with sausage and vegetables is prepared very easily and quickly. At first glance, a simple dish is actually very tasty and hearty. Ingredients necessary for cooking if your refrigerator has various vegetables and a piece of boiled sausage, you can safely proceed to prepare a simple but delicious soup with sausage. For this you will need: • potatoes – grams 200; • Sausage “Varenka” – 150 grams.; • Carrot – 50 g.; • onions – 50 g.; • Greens (dill or parsley) – 1 bundle; • Sunflower oil 50 g.; • Salt and various spices (black pepper, bay leaf). Preparing soup with sausage

Pour the peeled and chopped potatoes into a pan of water, salt, pepper and cook until a soft state. At this time, in a pan, fry the carrots and chopped onion to the golden grated on a coarse grated. We cut the sausage with small cubes or strips and send it to the pan, where we fry with vegetables for about two minutes. We send the finished roast (vegetables with sausage) to a pan with cooked potatoes and boil for a couple of minutes. If desired, you can put a little tomato paste in the soup. In the finished sausage soup when serving, add bay leaf and finely chopped greens.

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