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Search for world harmony is completed – resort Belek

by dnews7

Belek – a cozy town in the very southern Anatolian Polostrov. It is located just between the ancient and rich, still a Homer in the Iliad sung, Anatoly and Side. And if you do not go into historical details, then they get to Belek, reaching with a direct flight to Antalya, and making a transfer at a distance of 20-30. It depends on the location of your hotel.

The highlight of Belek is his balsamic, subtropical climate. At any time of the year, it is suitable for accepting guests. Another – high -quality beaches. Small sand, as if sowed, through the sieve. A very soft, gentle descent at sea – this is so perfect for those who plan a vacation with children. All beaches, absolutely everything, are equipped in the highest category: sun loungers, slides, bars and rental points of everything that you may need at the moment by the water.

All Belek hotels are built in one line – the first. Behind them is a wall of eucalyptus, ficuses, pines, cypress and bay bushes. They fill the air with fragrance and phytoncides.

All hotels have their own author’s style. But, everyone will please the huge cascading pool, large territory and tuning of the service. Almost every hotel has its own hammam. In such a bathhouse you will be found in Turkish. In the Hamamma Bi -Malno program there is massage and tea with sweets.

Another, one of the many, the highlights of Belek – his specialization in golf. A dozen good fields, and the city became Mecca for young millionaires, fans of this sport. As well as your favorite place for the organizers of profile competitions. Beleke has a national golf club and have developed its traditions and schemes for international competitions. Golf school with Russian -speaking instructors works for Russians.

The children who came with my parents can easily learn the whole history of the ancient world not by the textbook, but in life. Simply, nearby are the museums of Aspenda, Side, Perm, as well as a water park stylized under Troy.

And another highlight – National Kanyon Kepryulya National Park. In it you can engage in mountaineering, riding horses, rafting on rafts along the river Kyupruchai.

And one more thing: Belarusia has its own dilfinarium. And prices in restaurants and amazingly delicious dishes in their menu will be able to satisfy the most fastidious guest of the resort.

It seems that in Belarusia, they found the same harmony between two complicated categories – “price and quality”.

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