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Children’s camps – holidays with benefit.

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High -quality summer vacation is the key to health and good performance for the whole year. Each family dreams of spending its vacation with the whole family, but it does not always work out. And then the question arises before the parents: how to organize the holidays of children with benefit for them? The best option for solving this problem is the stay of children in a children’s health camp.

To date, the selection of camps is huge. They specialize in various directions, but the main purpose of all camps is to improve children, teach them to strengthen and protect their health and a healthy lifestyle to lead.

The main types of camps:

Logoro healing children’s center – an analogue of the camp, which was in Soviet times. The program of events includes line, thematic days, discos, competitions, excursions, viewing videos, wellness procedures.

Sanatorium -type camp specializes in strengthening the health of children. More time here the guys devote more time to therapeutic measures.

Camp of patriotic education. This type of camps appeared relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among the younger generation. Here children go through the so -called “Course of a young fighter”. They learn to survive in nature, learn the basics of hand -to -hand combat and self -defense techniques, find a way out of various situations. The education of discipline, mutual understanding and mutual assistance in children is the main task of the purpose of this type of camp.

The thematic camp is a type of camp whose program is developed according to a specific profile (archaeological, tourist, Orthodox, etc. D.)

Rest in a children’s camp is a wonderful case when you can have fun, interestingly, spend your holidays, improve your body, strengthen your body and spirit, find new wonderful friends.

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