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Cranberry in sugar

by dnews7

The decoration of both the usual and the solemn table will serve as a dessert as cranberries in the Sahara. For the preparation of cranberries in sugar, you will need: cranberry berries (1 kg), sugar powder (2, 5 cups), lemon juice (1 t. spoon) and protein 1 egg.


Rinse cranberries and put on a towel. While the berries are dried, there is time to cook glaze. Pour 1 cup of powder into a deep bowl or other suitable container, add lemon juice and mix. Then pour egg white into the glaze and mix the sugar mass until uniform with a whisk or using a mixer. Dip the entire cranberries in small portions in small portions and let it drain.

Pour most of the remaining powder from sugar on a large plate and roll in it the berries pre -moistened with glaze. This must be done carefully so as not to crush the vitamin treat in the sugar.

Put the resulting cranberries in the Sahara on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, and dry in the oven at a temperature of 50 degrees for half an hour.

Lay the cranberries prepared in this way in the sugar in creamy for serving on the table or in glass jars, laying layers of parchment paper and sprinkle with powder. Be in a cool place.

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