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Kurin broth (French cuisine)

by dnews7

Many do not know that chicken broth is the most traditional dish of French cuisine. To cook chicken broth, you will need a minimum set of products:

chicken giblets 1-2 chickens

chicken wings

chicken legs

chicken neck (or one, if the chicken was alone)

1 carrot

greens (celery, parsley, dill)

1 head onion head

spices (2 cloves, pepper)



We buy chicken or two, depending on how much we want to put the giblets in the chicken broth and take out the guts or you can just buy ready -made (already seized from the chicken) chicken giblets. We do the same with wings, legs and neck (or cut the chicken, or buy everything ready). Grind onions, carrots and all the greens except celery.


Pour water into the pan, throw vegetables there and put on fire. When the water boils, add salt, pepper and clove. Immediately after that, we fall asleep into the pan of the gutted and other parts of the body of the chicken (or two chicken). Cover the pan with a lid and cook chicken broth for 15-20 minutes. After this time, add pasta (any – noodles, vermicelli, feathers …) and cook another 10 minutes. In this case, the lid still closes the pan. Chicken broth is ready! Pour on plates and throw a little celery into each plate (twigs). Bon appetit!

Kurin broth – beautiful first dish. It is easily prepared, absorbed well, helps to restore strength after illness and relieve a hangover. The most detailed recipe “Chicken broth” on our website.

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