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Red broth with croutons

by dnews7


For broth:


100 grams of dining room beets

lemon juice (can be dissolved in water with citric acid)

greens (parsley, dill, celery – to choose from)



For croutons:

White stale bread

A little pork fat

100 grams of solid cheese


We cut it with small cubes. Small the greens. From a loaf of white bread (brick) we cut off 4 medium slices. Cut the crust. We dry in the oven or in natural conditions.


Bouillon. To get 1 liter of broth, pour a little more than a liter of water into a pan (300-500 grams more, depending on the age of beets). We throw in this water and add sugar and citric acid. We cook with beets until we weld. When the broth becomes red, we filter it (so that it does not fall into the broth). Add salt (as much as necessary) and sprinkle with herbs. Pour the broth into the cup.

Toast. We coat slices with pork fat on both sides, put the cheese on one side (from above) and place in the oven (oven). We wait until the cheese melts and take out. The dish is ready!

Bon appetit!

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