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Dancing Greece

by dnews7

Why many, many tourists love Greece so much? There are many countries with no less ancient history, no less good beach resorts, etc. D. But the number of fans of this country continues to increase every year. In fact, there is nothing surprising in this, because the Greeks themselves simply love to have fun and rest, and they know this, so that the vacation in this country will seem to be a real fairy tale, even the most spoiled tourist.

Music plays a significant role in the culture of the Greeks, and despite the fact that modern rhythms have reached the Greeks for a long time, here you can often hear a traditional Greek sound. Dancing Greece, along with music, give a great impression on travelers, charge with energy and fun, make the heart beaten to beat.

One of the most famous dances is Sirtaki, and all vacationers in this country try to get to the so -called Greek evening, during which Sirtaki must be performed. Many believe that he was dancing in ancient Greece, but this is not so, and he appeared only in the past century. But the traditional Buzuki musical instrument has existed for a long time, and appeared thanks to the ancient Greek lyre, however, for a long time it was banned and almost sunk into oblivion.

They often come to Greece specifically for any music festival, which are held here a lot, and one of the most popular is the festival that takes place in the city of self-traffic every year. Rest planned precisely “for the holiday” will bring you a lot of vivid impressions, because it will be filled with fun, traditional music and, of course, dancing Greece. Most importantly – do not forget to purchase tickets in advance, since they may simply not be a festival or festival that interests you.

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