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Express Bullon

by dnews7


Beef mining (about 200 grams)

One and a half liters of water

1 head onion head

1 carrot medium size

1 tablespoon of oil (butter)

Ground pepper


A few roots of celery

greens (including celery)


Firstly, you need to get minced meat, or to buy, or make your handles (it will seem more satisfying and useful to you). Next, take onions and carrots, separate the grains from the chaff, just clean it from the peel and cut it quite finely. Thoroughly with all zeal, chop the existing greens.


We throw chopped onions and carrots into a frying pan and wait until the vegetables are browned. This time there should not be oils in a pan, like any other fat. Когда лук станет золотистым, а морковь – румяной, извлекаем их из сковороды и кидаем в кастрюлю. There should already be expected beef minced meat and celery (roots). All thrown into a pan is filled with cold water. You can mix. Cook for half an hour, after which we salt and pepper our brew. We leave on the stove for another five minutes (naturally on fire). In fact, the broth is ready, it remains only to filter it through a sieve (the more often a sieve, the better). Pour into cups, preferably in bowels or deep, but not wide bowls and add a stained spoonful of butter to each cup/bowl. The pies are best suited to our broth, but not with jam or cottage cheese, come up with some other filling.

You can make minced meat from the minced meat in Flot’s pasta or some other joy for the stomach. And you can take care of this in advance and blind the meatballs ..

Bon appetit!

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