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Shrovetock broth

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400 milliliters of meat broth (from chicken)

Kleski (30 grams of semolina, half a teaspoon of butter, 1 egg)


Cooking raw materials for broth with semolina. To do this, just mix semolina, egg and butter. Mold to a homogeneous mass so that you can sculpt balls or cubes. And either we leave the dough with one piece, or immediately divide the mentioned balls and other geometric shapes already mentioned.


First, cook chicken for broth with semolina. Put water on medium fire and put the chicken there there. Cook the broth with semolina until cooked, removing the foam. After that, we filter the broth through a dense napkin (so that the broth becomes transparent).

The dough, regardless of whether it remains to lie in one piece or if we divided it, must be prepared. Therefore, put a pot on fire and pour water there. We wait until it boils, after which we add cool and cook for about 10 minutes.

Serve broth with semolina on the table as follows: put a few cloths in a plate and fill with meat broth.

Bon appetit!

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