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Ferrari will receive a hybrid engine V12

by dnews7

As previously reported, the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta model is equipped with a famous Italian power unit V12. Recall that the new fastest model Ferrari has under the hood 6. 3 liter V12 engine, which is equipped with technology, like Formula 1 Kers car (kinetic energy restoration system). The most important thing is that this engine has increased performance and may be equipped in the near future in the near future, which will not only reduce fuel consumption, but also add horsepower.

Despite the fact that this technology will require investment of sufficiently large funds, the company’s representatives this fact does not scare anyway. Recall our readers that for the first time the new technology was tested on the Ferrari 458 Italia model in the vulgar year. So in the near future we expect that almost all new models will be equipped with power units using hybrid technologies. One of the first models that will be equipped with a similar engine will be the Enzo model and the most important thing is that the novelty can be expected this year. Speaking for example about the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta model with her 6. 3 liter engine of the capacity of about 740 horsepower, then after using the new technology, power can increase to 800 – 850 liters. With.

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