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Ford Fiesta 2011 model year

by dnews7

The American company Ford is aimed at creating models with engines consuming less fuel. One of these cars was the new Ford Fiesta 2011 model year. The pretty and compact hatchback Fiesta should become one of the best city cars in its class.

Hatchback Ford Fiesta is a small car with an ergonomic interior, in the cabin of which four tall people will comfortably accommodate. For the first time, a small -leaf was demonstrated by the general public at the Frankfurt car dealership as a concept of punishment called Verve. The serial version does not differ from the aforementioned concept. The very first serial version of the hatchback debuted in 1976 and from that moment Fiesta has been one of the most popular small -sized in its class around the world. It is worth noting that last year almost 38,000 were sold in Europe, this year Ford will try to increase this indicator.  As for the technical characteristics of the fiesta fiesta of the 2011 model year, the low -commandment is equipped with 1 engines of 1. 25, 1. 4 and 1. 6 liters consuming both gasoline and diesel fuel. There are motors paired with a 5-step manual gearbox, and with a 4-step step automated transmission. The cost of the car starts from a mark of 530,000 rubles for a three -door modification with an engine of 1. 25 liters of which the power is 82 liters. With. For a five -door version with a 1 engine of 1. 6 liters with a capacity of 120 l. With. The potential owner will have to pay over 630,000 rubles.

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