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From a nasty duckling to a beautiful swan

by dnews7

For a long time I thought what it is to write on a blog. On the one hand, when the blog was created, it was planned that it would be somewhat “evil”: it would be told, as in other words, to breed respected men and not very respected, but today everything has changed in six months … Now, if I go somewhere, then I like to go at my own much more. To date, I have come close to my appearance. That is why yesterday the idea came to my mind ..

Blogs tend to carry out marathons, so why not on this blog to arrange a marathon, which, for example, will call “from a nasty duckling in a beautiful swan”. Of course, I do not consider myself a complete ugly duckling, but all, to work on what is. So, I announce the marathon “From the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan”! I don’t know how much it lasts, but every step and achievements will describe, maybe someone will decide to go along this path of the path. So we join and start working on ourselves. We will define approximate goals: start looking like you to always like, love yourself, so as not to torment thoughts like “We must sit on a diet”, “What a nightmare in the mirror!”And other nasty thoughts. Approximate time, for starters, two months. So, to start, attention, march!

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