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Painting eyelashes and eyebrows, eyebrow correction

by dnews7

Two weeks ago I wrote that I was starting a marathon and disappeared. Of course, it was wrong to do this, but what can you do – it so happened. And so I returned. Over these two weeks, I was outlined by a huge amount of money, I tried such a number of procedures that I had never allowed myself, I did an even more cosmetics and now I think how to get out of the material … experience. But all this is not particularly important, because in addition to the fact that beauty requires victims, I also realized that beauty is expensive. But, let’s move directly to such a issue as the step of the two – what to do the first thing with us. Personally, I decided to go from the cheapest and went to correction of eyebrows, painting eyebrows and painting eyelashes. I had never allowed myself this before, now in my diary every three weeks according to plan a trip to one of the hairdressing Minsk and eyebrow correction. In general, I did not regret that I made the correction of the eyebrows: firstly, I never had such eyebrows, and secondly, my eyelashes became black thanks to painting and now problems to paint them in mascara simply disappeared, thirdly, Now I always look very attractive (as if with a minimum of cosmetics) even if I raise me in three in the morning. It is possible that you are worried about the question: how expensive this service costs. These are three services, as you have already guessed and the price of all three in total ranges from 12. 000 bel. RUB up to 40. 000. It all depends on the selected salon. It is also possible that you are still worried about the question of whether it hurts to make eyebrow correction? No, if you are lucky with the master, but must be lucky, otherwise it may be very painful. I was lucky with the master, with the price too (12. 000). I offer you a hairdresser at ul. Mendeleev, d. 1. I chose it not because there is cheap, but because I have three minutes before her – you can walk right in the bathrobe. So, our first step is eyebrow correction, painting eyebrows and eyelashes. Perhaps someday I will try to describe the technology of these procedures or even try to do it myself, then the descriptions will be even more extensive.

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