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Holidays in Turkey by savages

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Recently, there are more and more vacationers in Turkey. The popularity of such tourism is associated with savings, as well as with the ability to move freely. The resorts of the country are so diverse that, having visited only one of them, it is impossible to get an idea of ​​the whole country entirely.

For citizens of Russia, the abolition of visas has greatly simplified the procedure for entering the country.

Features of rest by savages are known to everyone, so in this article we will reveal the specifics of Turkey, as well as talk about what real estate and how can be removed in the country.

In recent years, in all areas of the country, countless many new hotels and hotels, apartments and other tourist complexes have been built.

The cost of renting any real estate in the country depends, first of all, on the area in which it is located, remoteness from the sea coast and, of course, such as real estate itself. In Turkey, you can remove several types of real estate.

Firstly, the number A is the hotel in Turkey. Beach hotels, logically, more expensive, city – much cheaper.

The second option is the rental of apartments in the tourist complex. In addition to living, such complexes often offer many different services: gyms, pools, restaurants, water parks and so on. The rental price depends on the set of services.

Thirdly, there is the possibility of renting a private apartment both with and without furniture. Apartments without furniture often suggest a longer lease term.

No less popular real estate withdrawn by tourists are villas, which can be both with a pool and without it, both with a large and small territory adjacent directly to the villa.

In general, real estate in large cities is more expensive than in small towns. So, for example, renting a house in Antalya costs twice as much as renting similar housing in a suburb of the city.

Real estate rental in Turkey can be carried out in several ways.

The most convenient is preliminary booking on the Internet on a specialized site or through real estate agency. Booking can also be performed through the website of the hotel itself, in which it is planned to accommodate.

When renting housing in Turkey, it is important to be extremely attentive. The safest rental method is the Internet booking on the site with a good reputation. Therefore, before leaving an application for reservation, you should read reviews and other information about this place.

If the plans for renting housing are on the spot, then it is necessary to conclude a written contract indicating the terms, cost, size of the deposit, list of incoming services, the availability of devices and equipment.

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