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Gudauta – citrus paradise

by dnews7

Between the cities of Sukhum and Gagra, a resort of Gudauta is located. The city goes its roots in the depths of the Neolithic period. He owes his basis to the settlement of fishermen and farmers. There are two famous versions of the name of the city of Gudaut. The GUDOU river flows through the city and therefore it owes its name. The second version is touching and romantic. This is an ancient legend about the love of a young man and his girlfriend. Family raspings did not leave the lovers of hope for reunification and in despair the young lover Guda rushed into the river. A girl who did not want to stay without him committed the same act. And from the connection of their names, the name of this city. The city itself and its population are hospitable and friendly. This is a quiet town with a small number of cafes and hotels, so the guests who come to rest are mostly preferred to stay in private houses. In order to expand your knowledge about the place of your vacation, you can be interested in the Abazgiya Museum-Reserve. This museum of local lore was proudly renamed in 1997, after its introduction to the Office of the Protection of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Abkhazia. It is also interesting that Gudauta, thanks to her climate, is rich in citrus and fruit plantations of trees, which will undoubtedly appeal to vacationers.

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