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New Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner

by dnews7

Bentley will bring the new flagship Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner 2013 modeling year to the Geneva Auto Show in Geneva, which received the bold name “Mulliner Driving Specification”. As follows from the name, the car will receive a sports setting of suspension and steering, some external changes giving the limousine greater sports and new 21-inch alloy wheels. The engineers managed to configure the suspension so much that the car even behaves confidently when actively driving and there is a complete feeling that the car is traveling not along the road but along the rails, but at the same time, complete comfort in the cabin is observed.

The new Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner 2013 model year is equipped with 6. 75 liter V8 engine with turbocharged, which produces about 505 horsepower. Despite the fact that Mulsanne weighs a few tone, its speed and dynamics are simply amazing. From 0 to 100 km/h acceleration occupies only some 5. 3 seconds, and the maximum speed is almost 300 km/h. Although the car has become sports, do not forget that it is still a limousine that is intended for comfortable movement as a passenger in the back seat. To choose from the potential owner, Bentley’s company provides a choice of more than 100 colors of finishes, a wide variety of material, unlimited choice of veneer and skin. The cabin has a hatch, a partition between the rear passengers and a driver, a refrigerator who is designed for two bottles of champagne and much more that this sports limousine considers to the category of premium cars. Unfortunately, the official cost of the new Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner 2013 is not yet called, but it is expected that it will be over 260,000 euros.

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