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How to mask a pimple?

by dnews7

There is a huge problem of all returns and remains – acne! We are fighting with them, trying to disguise them, try to somehow hide them, even each of us has our own ways to mask, but, in the end, it is still not always with us, it turns out that our problem is almost not visible. Sonya Kashuk comes to the rescue – one of the most famous stylists of such celebrities as Ashley Jadd and Salma Hayek, and they always look attractive!

So, a consiller comes to the rescue again, without which probably each of the readers of this blog realized – you could not do! And it is true. Take a consiller that exactly corresponds to your skin tone, and apply it only to the tip of the “problem”. It is important not to overdo it so that the point of the corrective consulter does not stand out on the face – which is why apply only to the tip.

After applying the consulter, go to the next makeup point. No matter how hard you try, and the point from the consulter will still be at least a little and visible-so now take the tonic, which corresponds to both the tone of the consulter and the tone of your skin, apply it evenly to the whole face, without affecting that area, without affecting that area. where the consiller has already been applied, as it will simply be used. Now your face looks relatively even. To make it perfect – take a powder with flickering particles, we have already talked about it in the article “How to hide the signs of a sleepless night?”, Apply a light layer over a tonalist and a consultation.

Well, as a result? Agree – pimple is almost not visible! Now you look attractive and feel like a queen, which you are.

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