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Hotel Bodrum Holyiday Resort 5*, Bodrum, Türkiye

by dnews7

Rested at the hotel from September 23 to October 3. Before that, in Turkey were once in July 2006 in Marmaris. Compared to Egypt, the sea seemed cool (and this is in the midst of summer). And since they were going to go to Turkey at the end of September, they feared the cold sea and planned to go to Alania. But in the travel agency (we use its services for 15 years and, never deceived), they persuaded to go to Bodrum.

The water temperature really turned out to be no higher than 23 degrees (from the reviews I realized that in the summer it is no more than 24). When you go to Spain (Costa Bravo or Costa Daurad), you know that in addition to the cool sea, you will get a lot of other “pleasures” (Barcelona, ​​port of Aventhur, etc. D.). But go for distant lands to swim in water with the temperature of “our” ponds and rivers ..

The first day it strains, then you begin to get used to it, but all early for more than 15 minutes in the water is not comfortable. The sea, however, is clean, the water is transparent and compared to the Red Sea is not very salty, just right. The beach, in my opinion, bad. Solid stones. And not polished pebbles, but rather ribbed cobblestones. To enter them into the sea is very inconvenient, almost like through corals in Sharmal Sheikha. Therefore, the beach made beer with stairs. Gradually enter the sea, you have to immediately plunge into cool water. We bathed at the end of the beach area, there we could reach some compromise. The peak of the season passed, there were always places on the beach. Probably, because of cool water, not a lot of people bathed at the same time, which was not familiar and pleased. Most people on the beach sunbathed or bathed in the pool. By the way, the water temperature in the pool was similar, despite the heat in the afternoon of 26-30 degrees. Probably, cool nights 18-20 degrees affected. In general, the weather at this time of the year is really good – it is moderately hot in the afternoon, cool at night.

We arrived at the hotel at 9 in the morning without problems (met, brought). The guide said that the settlement of 14-00, a meeting with the hotel guide at 17-00, showed a restaurant and disappeared. By 12 o’clock they noticed that most group members were settled. Observations showed: the remaining people were pushed by the reception desk for a long time, invested money in passports ($ 20-50), departed and reported that “the ice was started”, but there were few free numbers and we must wait a little while they were removed until they were removed. In general, a simple “divorce” into the bunch. Regretting his wife with an adult son, he moved to the rack, although he knew that a small bribe did not solve anything. Will depict difficulties and troubles, in response you will get an incredible result. At the reception, he gave his “empty” passport to a girl who clarified the number of people and began to click on a computer for a long time. I got the folded 10 bucks began to twist them along with the remaining passports in the hands. The girl was called to the other end of the rack. A man came up, saw my lying passport with a voucher, looked into the computer and, without opening his passport, put it on a rack. I went to the other end of the rack again to the girl. She apologized, took the documents, $ 10 and gave me an envelope with a key. Reported that this is a number for her friends . The number was standard on the second floor of the main building. Its content corresponds to descriptions in previous reviews. True, I had to return to the reception and recall that three towels and bedding are needed for three. They promised to fix. Two hours later a maid appeared. She covered her sliding sofa, added towels, made a boat and received her dollar. Three days later, she changed her bed, towels, made a boat to her son, a heart and my wife and I earned a dollar again. Nobody did wet cleaning, of course, but in 10 days we are very “overgrown”.

At 17-00 we met the hotel guide Tatyana. Reported the time when she can be found at the hotel. Received the necessary information on the hotel and excursions. Of course, it was reported that excursions should be bought only from the hotel guide, it is cheaper and only here is a professional Russian -speaking guide. We were on these excursions on the last trip, the second time they did not cause desires. Those who want to go on excursions usually appear within 2-3 days, probably therefore, after four days, neither Tatyana nor any other hotel guide of the Pegasus, we could no longer find at the indicated hours. In an emergency, of course it was possible to call on the phone indicated on the stand, but somehow I did not want to spend money for ordinary “consultations”.

The hotel basically liked. Cute. Landscape and landscape around very beautiful. Mostly the Russians, the British, the Germans rested mainly. A week later the Poles appeared. The season was pumped, so there was little the Turks. We drove up mainly for the weekend. At this time, tightness in the restaurant immediately began to feel. I think in the midst of summer is less comfortable here. The power is standard. Water, beer and drinks a lot and everywhere. For a variety, a visit to restaurants: Turkish cuisine and fish is once planned. Fish in a fish restaurant, the same as in a common restaurant, but the Turkish restaurant liked. Since there is nowhere to take a walk in the evening, the local “amphitheater” was arranged by time shows, not high class, but funny and diverse. The disco was rather modest, but this is not a youth hotel. If you wish, you can go to stretch into the vigor. A “collective” viewing of football matches on a terrace with beer and cocktails was settled a couple of times. The group (two guitarists, cello, drummer) came twice). Medium performed Spanish-Mexican songs, but still live music. In general, in 10 days we are not tired of even without excursions.

The day before departure at the Pegasa stand, an announcement was posted about the time of departure 5: 00 and the opportunity to have breakfast at 4: 20. In the morning it turned out that the restaurant was closed. But this did not stop Russian people. Automatic sliding doors were successfully “extended”. There was no one from the staff. Minimum set of oil, boiled eggs, feta cheese, coffee. Bread-5-6 loaves for 65 departing. Those who came, later did not have enough.

The departure was not detained. Duty Free at the airport is very small, the choice is not rich. For a long time did not fly charter flights. Aircraft there and back were very old. My wife said that she was afraid to examine the casing – suddenly I would see the holes. Chairs with defects. The inscriptions are made on the printer and glued. All worn. Dirt. Instead of local light lamps, roughly painted plugs. I remembered trains in Soviet times. I hope that these are only external shortcomings and on flight qualities it did not affect.

I think that for a family vacation, the hotel is not bad at the height of the season. Although I agree that the price for the rest is somewhat overstated

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