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How to choose tights

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Tights decorate and warm one of the most beautiful parts of the female body – legs. How well the woman knows how to choose tights, not only the success of the purchase depends, but also the success of a woman in men.

If you are just going to the store or have already opted for some brand, check them according to our algorithm. So, a short guide on the topic “How to choose tights”.

How to choose tights by touch? They should be pleasant to the body. In addition, how to choose tights purely by aesthetic characteristics, you need to take into account practical. Cheap models manufacturers make a round seam. In case of inconsistency of size, it can rub the skin, it is always visible through thin clothes. Therefore, in the process of how to choose tights, give an advantage to models with a flat seam.

Evaluate the tights to the smell. Many branded tights are impregnated with a fragrance – and this is the right sign that you are not a fake in front of you. Make sure that the inner layer of the swallow is made of cotton, because this part of the tights adjacent to the most delicate places.

Information on the package is very useful for those who learn, how to choose tights. The term Den determines the density of the fabric. And the concept of Lipra (lucra) is responsible for the elasticity of products. The thinn ones are marked as 10-15 den. 20-25 Den-standard density for autumn-spring wardrobe. From 40 DEN and above – it can be tights with a prolonging effect (with a UP mark). To understand how to choose tights for the winter, as well as all kinds of anti-varicose (marked Support) and anti-cellulite, you need to remember that they contain 50-100 Den. There are even antifungal tights with Claireesse labeling, but before choosing tights for prevention, you need to get a doctor’s consultation.

Another important question in the topic “How to choose tights” is the correspondence of the size.   The dimensional grid in different companies differs. There is a letter designation: s, m, l, xl, it happens – numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4. Typically, a table is drawn on the package to determine the size. If in the course of how to choose tights, you cannot decide, then it is better to choose a larger size. This is especially true for s and m. The fact is that Esochka (1) is designed not only for slender girls, but also for small growth.

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