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Why Russians seek to relax in Turkey and Egypt?

by dnews7

Away, say good? I don’t want to go home? You are going to distant Turkey, but they forgot about Anapa? Why do Russians prefer to relax at foreign resorts?

Any person working in a sweat sometimes just dreams of relaxing properly, going somewhere on vacation. How to perfectly change monotonous everyday life and color them with vivid impressions of relaxation! All you need is to have fun as it should, forget about daily worries and at least a couple of weeks just do nothing. Of course, each person has his own idea of ​​an ideal rest. For some, a dream is to walk through the forest, someone finds a paradise in the village of a grandmother, and for someone a paradise on the ground on a suburban area comes.

Not everyone love peace and serenity, not everyone impresses communication and meditation in the bosom of nature. Still, most people need a change in the situation, environment, new impressions, hot countries, affectionate sea and a smiling sun. Of course, the sea, sand, the stunning nature of the southern edges gives you a feeling of an eternal holiday of life, you can perfectly improve your health, add vitro, charge with energy, as well as new, vivid impressions that will warm you for a year. You just glow with happiness against the backdrop of the unwinding, gray from their frowning urban residents, who have not yet had time to relax. They seem to be aliens. And you strive for changes, changes, you are unusually active, and therefore you can turn everything for the better.

Now you already look at the saying with other eyes: do not live for the sake of work, but work to live!

Most often, our fellow citizens prefer to relax at sea in Turkey. Indeed, rest in this country has a high level of service, stunning in its beauty, the possibility of visa -free entry into the territory of this country. The most important thing that attracts tourists from Russia is the optimal vacation prices. Therefore, rest here became possible for wide masses. No one thinks about the language barrier. Locals who have to communicate with foreigners study foreign languages ​​themselves. Very often, relaxing in Turkey, you can meet your friends, acquaintances. This is great, especially in cases where in your homeland you could not meet and chat.

In Turkey, a huge number of all kinds of entertainment await you, they barely have time to replace each other. Therefore, all your days and nights spent in Turkey will not be similar to one another, they cannot be called boring or uninteresting. This is why most Russians choose a vacation on the Turkish coast. As for the domestic shore of the sea, the fact that the level of service here is unlikely to be able to please anyone will not be a secret to anyone. Prices also cannot be called democratic.

Unfortunately, only grief is also caused by the environmental situation that reigned on the seashore. This often causes sadness and nostalgia for those citizens who managed to relax here in Soviet times. Therefore, we can talk about the falling popularity of the Black Sea coast of Russia. It is already difficult for him to compete with Turkey. Antalya and Alania can tell Russians much more than Sochi or Anapa. I would like to believe that in the near future the Russian tourism industry will cease to be an outsider and make up for the lost, will accept European standards of high -quality service and the level of service provision.

It would be nice to balance a high level of service and acceptable prices. Someday, in the brighter future, the recreational zone of the Black Sea of ​​Russia will become a leader in the world arena. So far it remains only to wait ..

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