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The ancient city of Bulgaria

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In Europe, there are many ancient cities that can boast of an interesting and eventful story, reflected in local attractions. And the number of ancient European cities includes a Bulgarian swing that stands on the banks of the Maritsa River. Founded it on 6 unique sienitis hills. Two parts of the city, located on different banks of the river, connect bridges among themselves – there are only six.

The ancient city of Bulgaria boasts many interesting monuments and places. So, in its sparkling part, which is also the smallest, the so -called fair town is located. Twice a year, an international fair is held in the city, the beginning of which was laid back in 1892 – it was then that the first Bulgarian exhibition was held, at which the residents of the country introduced their agricultural, as well as industrial goods. Subsequently, the exhibition has acquired the status of international, and now it takes place in a huge exhibition complex, and several hundred thousand people visit it.

This ancient city of Bulgaria boasts of extraordinary beauty – it is in one of the most beautiful places, so if you love nature, you just have to visit it. Yes, and history lovers will also be interesting here, since the city has a large number of ancient monuments, which include ancient churches. At the site of the city, there is an architectural reserve, which is called “Old Plovdiv”. Actually, it is in this reserve that most of the most interesting attractions, namely archaeological monuments, prayed streets, as well as residential buildings, are located. There is an ancient amphitheater in the city, and the “Nebenu Tepe” complex, where you will find the remnants of the Thracian settlement, and majestic monuments, which include an obelisk dedicated to the liberation of the Bulgarian from the Turkish yoke, and much, much more, another.

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