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How to deal with dark circles under the eyes?

by dnews7

Dark circles are one of the most popular problems of a modern girl. In part, they arise due to pigmentation (poorly washed away, shadows and other dark cosmetics), partly from constant fatigue and lack of sleep. The struggle with dark circles under the eyes can be long and protracted, however, it can and should be crowned with complete success and victory over such. So, as experts say the main reason for the dark circles under the eyes is a thin skin through which blood vessels are most often visible, which have a bluish tint. Fight this shade can be different. One of the options is the use of a special cream that contains antioxidants (this includes vitamin C, soy, kinetimine and others). However, the use of the cream is not always the best. Another option may be the use of a concealer, which should be a tone lighter than the main shade. After that, it is recommended to apply either peach shadows or the powder that is used for the main part of the face to the concealer. Use the concealer as little as possible, since it is the area of ​​the skin under the eyes that is prone to fast old most likely. As for creams that restore the natural shade of the skin under the eyes, I strongly do not recommend using age creams, Avon creams (all urems for this company for some reason do not differ in special quality).

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