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How to hide the disadvantages of the shape of the face with makeup?

by dnews7

Since we talked about how to do the right makeup, I think it would not be superfluous to tell about some rather useful things that could help smooth out the shortcomings of your face. This includes the size of the face.   The question is quite simple: how can I visually reduce your face with makeup? We will answer for a start so, you can do it quite simply. So do not despair and let’s start working on ourselves directly.

So, pull the cheeks to begin with, so that the dimples appear on them, after which apply bronze powder to these very dimples. Then, of course, apply a certain amount of blush to the cheekbones. The last thing to do is just walk through a large brush in the face in order to get rid of an unnecessary amount of cosmetics directly on the face. Now your face will become visually smaller. Also another step towards beauty.

Since we talked about the shortcomings of the face shape, it will not be out of place to talk about the method of how to make a round face more attractive. After all, a round face quite often becomes just a punishment for the owners of such. The solution to the problem is quite simple: you just need to emphasize the cheekbones, as well as shut up the cheeks with bronze powder and blush.   To do this, apply bronze powder directly to the cheekbones, and then pull the dimples again, then apply a layer of pink blush directly into the resulting dimples.   The second method no longer applies directly to makeup. This time it is hair. Make a multi -level haircut. Although, of course, a multi -level haircut is a rather dangerous solution: it may well not help.

And the last drawback of the face that we will talk about in this article is the problem of a large chin. The solution is quite simple: take the powder tone darker than the main powder, apply to the chin. The problem is solved. Only be neat if you make a mistake with the tone of the chin on the contrary, it becomes too bright and noticeable.

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