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How to grow tangerine from a bone at home

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Surely, each mistress that is not indifferent to home plants was interested in what conditions are needed in order to grow a full -fledged tree from a mandarin bone in a home environment. Nevertheless, unlike lemon, this plant is still a rarity on our window sills, although it is not a very difficult task to grow real mandarin from a bone in normal. How to grow tangerine from a bone at home to grow tangerine at home, you need to collect seeds from several ripe fruits and germinate them. This can be done in several ways: place the seeds in a special hydrogel ball (they are sold in flower shops), wrap in wet gauze or put in the ground and periodically water. The meaning of this procedure is that in the humid environment the most favorable conditions for germination are created, so the plant is easiest to grow. After the bones germinate, they are transplanted into a pre -prepared pot with loose earth. From the moment of landing it will take about a month before the first sprouts of Mandarin seem from the ground, delighting you and all your home. But the crop from the tree that you managed to grow from the bone must be expected no earlier than after 5 years. How to care for an exotic plant at home tangerine, which was successfully grown from the bone at the most ordinary home conditions, needs careful care, since this plant does not come from our latitudes. The minimum acceptable temperature for mandarin, which was grown from a bone at home-not lower than 12 degrees in winter, the most favorable temperature is about 16-18 degrees. In the warm season, the tangerine, which managed to grow from the bone at home, needs frequent watering, in the fall and winter – in moderate. At the same time, many forget that you need to water only warm water. In the spring, the plant can begin to be fed with mineral fertilizers (no more than once a week). Before you make fertilizer, the soil must be watered. You can grow tangerine from a bone at home only with a sufficient amount of water. It is advisable to provide moisture -loving mandarin with a pallet with water and often spray its leaves and air with water, which will not be difficult at all to do periodically to you or your home. Up to 6-7 years, the tangerine, which managed to grow from the bone at home, is advisable to transplant once a year, better in the spring; Upon reaching this age – in a year. Mandarin, which managed to grow from a bone at home, needs to be protected from pests. It can be a spider mite, various types of shields and other insects. At the first signs of pests (this can be a white plaque on the leaves), the plant must be treated with a special composition. If you managed to grow tangerine at home: a vaccination and formation of a crown plant, which was successfully sprouted from a bone of tangerine, at home you must definitely be vaccinated, otherwise its fruits will be small and tasteless. The vaccine is usually done in late spring or summer. A small incision is made on the tangerine cutter, in which a twig of an adult fruiting tree is about 2 years old. The vaccination site is wrapped in wet wool, and the plant itself is placed under a plastic bag. The indicator that the vaccine was successful – the appearance of the kidneys on the branches of the plant. Then you can remove the winding. The fruiting mandarin at home can be tried not only from the bone, but also with cuttings, but such an experiment is unlikely to be successful. This is done by specialists in the greenhouses and greenhouses equipped for this. As a rule, tangerine trees in stores have a beautiful crown. You can make it yourself at the mandarin, which managed to grow from a bone at normal home. This is done as follows: the mandarin escape is cut off so that 6-7 kidneys are left under it. Shots form a little later, which should also be cut according to the same scheme. The formation of the crown must be stopped after the start of flowering mandarin, usually after you can grow fifth -order shoots. Of course, it is much easier to purchase a tangerine tree in a store, but how nice, it is nice to grow big tangerine from a small bone at home. Care for a delicate tropical plant will enjoy the whole family and in a few years will certainly be rewarded with a generous crop.

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