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Toilet water Fahrenheit

by dnews7

A man can be wandered for a long time in search of his aroma-a unique, reliable, impregnable and passionate-sustained. But, one way or another, the world saw him 25 years ago – Christian Dior created just such a male perfume – toilet water “Fahrenheit”. The time and fleeting of fashion were not powerful over this unsurpassed aroma. In the composition, notes of nutmeg, ripe hawthorn, sensory sandalwood are skillfully interwoven. Bergamot with a little citrus acidity successfully adjacent to the woody cedar. In the distance with light strokes there are honeysuckle and musk.

Among the strong half of humanity, the toilet water “Fahrenheit” is our faithful fans around the world. However, women in all countries unanimously recognize this aroma extremely sexy – because on the skin it begins to sound daring and seductive notes. The aroma attracts, fascinates, gives a feeling of confidence, gives a sense of success. It is difficult not to notice it and even more difficult to resist its attraction. It is not surprising that young girls who love extreme sports and lead a fairly active lifestyle do not deny themselves the pleasure of using this perfume.

Decades later, Christian Dior’s fashion house presented to the public Fahrenheit 32. The aroma is contradictory and full of contrasts. By the way, this is the exact opposite of his predecessor. At a mark of 32 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale, ice melts, so the perfume carries frosty freshness. And a completely unexpected train stretch sunny-tuffy motifs of orange wood flowers, fragrant vanilla. The last touch behind the vetiver, in the homeland of this plant – in India – it is also called “grass of peace”.

And relatively recently in 2011, this line of perfume was replenished with a novelty – the world recognized “Fahrenheit Aqua”. As always, Mark Dior turned out to be unchanged – the aroma was created from contradictions, polar elements, plus and minus. Flame becomes beckoning and at the same time burns. Citrus is supplemented by violet, Tuscany basil and blue mint. The combination is surprisingly unobtrusive, but unambiguously unforgettable.

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