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How to make an icing

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It often happens that baking lacks some completeness so that it can be called a masterpiece of cooking. In this case, confectionery glaze will help, which will decorate even the simplest pie or cake, making them perfect.

There are quite a lot of views of glaze, you can make it according to various recipes. The most affordable recipes are presented below.

Glaze from cocoa powder

To make a glaze from a cocoa powder, you will need:

– 300 milliliters of milk

– 300 milliliters of water

– 300 grams of sugar

– 50 grams of corn flour

– 150 grams of cocoa in powder

Mix water with milk. Dilute in the small amount of the resulting mixture of cocoa and corn flour, set aside. Boil water with milk, add sugar diluted cocoa and flour. Stiring all the time, bring to a boil.

Chocolate glaze

You can make chocolate icing from the following ingredients:

– 100 grams of chocolate

– 150 grams of powder (sugar)

– Two tablespoons of butter

Melt the chocolate in a water bath, pour sugar powder into it, cool, add butter, mix.

Lemon glaze

Make lemon icing from:

– 200 grams of powder (sugar)

– two tablespoons of lemon juice

– two tablespoons of water

Add lemon juice and hot water to sugar. Stir with a wooden spatula to a state of homogeneous mass.

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