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Mushroom puree soup from champignons

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To prepare a delicious mushroom puree from champignons, you need to purchase the following ingredients: one kilogram of fresh mushrooms of champignons, five hundred grams of chicken broth, packaging of low-fat oil, one bulb, a couple of large spoons of pre-cooked wheat flour and to the taste of spices for the soup mashed potatoes, and olive oil for frying vegetables.

Method of preparing mushroom soup-puree from champignons

Wash the mushrooms with cool water. Before fried in a pan, you need to cut them into small pieces and add vegetable oil. Then take the onion, clean and cut it in half rings, then also put it in the pan. Fry the vegetables, constantly mixing until they become soft enough for mushroom soup-puree from champignons. Next, take out the blender, since we will need it now, that is, pour fried vegetables from the pan into a wide bowl, pour the chicken broth and chop the resulting mixture so that it becomes a homogeneous mass similar to mushroom puree soup from champignons.

Next, you need to take fifty grams of vegetable oil, melt it, add flour and fry in a pan for about two to three minutes. Do not forget to stir so that the mixture does not stick to the pan. Next, add a little mushroom puree broth from champignons to the pan and bring to a boil, only now you need to pour it all into a large stainless pan, and then put the mushrooms there, and once again bring the whole dish to a boil, slightly observing slightly.

Before serving on the table in mushroom puree soup from champignons, you need to put salt and pepper, but then you will have to bring the prepared dish again to a boil. Only now can we say that our mushroom soup puree from champignons is ready. Be sure to serve mushroom puree soup hot and with croutons and greens.

Bon appetit!

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