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Hyundai I-ONIQ

by dnews7

Finally, the first official information from the Hyundai concept car called I-ONIQ appeared today, which the South Korean company will bring to the Geneva car dealership next week. The novelty will make it possible to understand in which direction the Hyundai company will move in the future. As you can see, Hyundai I-ONIQ is a new hatchback equipped with an electric and gasoline engine and a completely new type of transmission.

The design of the new Kara concept is fully made in the same style with the latest models of the company, such as the station wagon Hyundai i30 and Hyundai Elantra Coupe. We can add from ourselves that the front part is very much like the Japanese Mazda3 car of the latest generation, and indeed the latest Hyundai models outwardly remind Japanese cars. This is especially clearly visible in the last released sedans, we personally were able to see something from Lexus in Korean cars. I-ONIQ length is 4. 4 meters, the salon is designed for four people and a driver, the rear passengers in the car will definitely not be. The new Hyundai model is equipped with 3 cylinder 1. 0 liter gasoline engine and lithium-ion electric motor, which produce about 109 liters. With. In the mode when only the electric motor works, the car is able to drive about 120 km, and with the help of a gasoline engine, the distance increases to 700 km. More details about the concept can be found after the Geneva car dealership.

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