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Lexus RX 450h and F Sport

by dnews7

The Japanese automaker Lexus, published the updated RX 450H and F Sport 2013 model year, on the eve of the official premiere of the crossover at the Geneva Motor Show. As can be seen from the picture, the novelty received an updated appearance and, in particular, a new optics, an updated radiator grille made in the style of the latest GS and LX models, which gives the Japanese crossover a more aggressive view.

The updated F Sport model received a new radiator sports grill, a sports steering wheel, pedals and thresholds with Lexus logo, as well as unique alloy wheels. And this is not all, also F Sport is able to boast of a completely new front and rear optics and a sports interior with a large abundance of metal finishes. As for the equipment, the 2013 model is equipped with a 3 -volume engine of 3. 5 liters producing 277 horsepower, the RX340H model by power installation producing about 300 liters. With. The cost and more detailed information about the new products will become known at the Geneva Motor Show, which will take place on March 6.

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