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If the child is left -handed

by dnews7

Currently, more and more children are born who write with his left hand. Of course, such a child is called special, since he differs from others. Such features must be developed at an early age. In the 20th century, there was such an opinion that if the child is left-handed, then something is wrong with him, he is unhealthy and he urgently needs to be treated. This is wrong in the root.

The thing is that the right and left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for right handraining and left -handedness. Both of these hemispheres are responsible for the creative and mental abilities of a person, and the abilities of the child will also depend on which more developed. So, for example, the left hemisphere is responsible for speech and abstract thinking, the right – for musical and artistic creativity, as well as for imaginative thinking.

Most parents, noticing that the child writes with his left hand, make a big mistake, starting the child to retrain. Such “violence” may be traumatic from a psychological point of view. If the child has a prevailing hand, then his right hemisphere becomes the main thing. Luchas often turn out to be more gifted compared to their right-handed comrades. They are very emotional and gifted children, subtly sensitive and vulnerable.

Psychologists recommend the following to the parents of such a child:

1) to organize a friendly atmosphere in a family in which the child would feel necessary and loved;

2) it is strictly forbidden to retrain such a child into a right -handed person;

3) there is no need to insist to engage in the child with what he does not understand yet. It is better to allow the development of those abilities that he gets well;

4) it is necessary to encourage the child, tell him pleasant words and praise even for small achievements;

5) never need to tell other people in the presence of a child is unpleasant;

6) the task of the parents should be explained to the child that left -handedness is not an anomaly, that this is a normal phenomenon;

7) no need to demand too much from the baby. Parents should remember that he is still a child. It is better to observe what the child shows the greatest abilities and try to develop them.

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