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Subtings… good for the health

by dnews7

Diligently avoiding conflict can adversely affect health, while verbal skirmishes helps to avoid this. The unwillingness to argue and curse is also associated with an abnormal increase and decrease in the level of the hormone cortisol during the day. The level of cortisol usually reaches its maximum immediately after waking up, and decreases during the day. If a person avoids conflicts, his morning quotisol level in the morning increases more noticeable, and decreases more slowly. As a result, it is more difficult for him to calm down after the conflict. Other studies have shown that couples that avoid quarrels more often die earlier than their more expressive peers. Also, the expression of anger strengthens the sense of control and optimism, which people lack, in fear close their eyes before clarifying relationships. So far, scientists do not know how exactly the avoidance of conflicts affects general physical health, but they suggest that the deviations of the level of cortisol from the norm can lead to certain problems.

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