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Italian vegetable cake Suffle

by dnews7

How to cook vegetable souffle cake?  Very simple! Read my culinary recipe from personal experience, it is from Italian cuisine, so it will not leave anyone indifferent. I suggest you read the recipe for a vegetable cake:


1 tbsp. flour;

250 gr. Plum. oils;

1 egg;

2 tbsp. l. gelatin;

600 gr. Cottage cheese;

1 tbsp. cream;



50 gr. black and green olives;

200 gr. Grated cheese;

3 tomatoes (small);

Bunch of dill;

A bunch of parsley;

Cherry tomatoes, greens and several olives for decoration.


Grate the oil and mix with sifted flour, add 1 hour. l. salt, mix, add egg. Knead the dough for several minutes and let stand in the refrigerator. Then roll out 1, 5 cm thick and bake in a round detachable form lined with parchment, 15-20 minutes. At 180 ° C;

Dissolve the gelatin in 0, 5 t. water. 300 gr. Creative. Mix cheese with 0, 5 t. cream, salt, pepper, add chopped greens. Pour a mixture of half gelatin, mix, add olives. Pour the mixture into the mold on the finished cake;

Sprinkle the cake with a thick layer of grated cheese. Scald three tomatoes, remove the skin from them and chop finely;

The remaining creatures. cheese, cream, gelatin mix, salt and pepper. Add chopped tomatoes. Mix thoroughly and put in the shape on top of the cheese. Put the cake in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Garnish the finished cake with cherry tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs.

Bon appetit!

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