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“Portable vessels and a stillaped up”

by dnews7

Now remember about the Bulgakovsky “Sudaks Portable A Ly Silwarel”, which were going to bite the characters “Masters and Margarita”. The main thing is to attack a good pike perch, and the rest will be.

The most delicious pike perch dish that I once had a chance to try.  Now I decided to share this recipe with you.   Maybe this is not the simplest dish from pike perch, it is always not easy to cook fish, but the result will please you!

Sudaki a la did a sneezer recipe:


500 g of fresh pike perch;

3 roots of fresh celery;

fragrant pepper with peas;

Bay leaf;

black pepper with peas;

1 teaspoon of cardamomon;

For sauce:

5 eggs;

150 g of olive oil;

1/2 cup sugar;

lemon juice


Gut, rinse and cut into portioned pieces of pike perch;

Boil in a small amount of water with spices until complete readiness;

Then, carefully taking it out of the broth, put each piece in a separate dish;

Take care of the sauce. From steep eggs, remove the yolks and wipe them through a sieve;

Then, putting the egg mass into a bowl, pouring a little olive oil, rub with a spoon to those while the egg yolks are completely carried with oil;

Add powdered sugar, lemon juice and beat the sauce with a mixer;

Pour this sauce in plates with this sauce and serve to the table.

Bon appetit!


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