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Mercedes-Benz SL500 from Wheelsandmore

by dnews7

More recently, the German tuning studio Wheelsandmore demonstrated a modified version of Mercedes-Banz C63 AMG Coupe. After the car made great interest among motorists, the masters decided to release another modified version of the Mercedes-Benz SL500. The main change affected the varnish coating, Wheelsandmore experts decided to tighten the Mercedes body into a silver-gray film that gave an unusual type of car.

And another “chip” of this project is the presence of huge 20-inch alloying alloy discs and sports tires. At the request of the potential owner, discs can purchase any color. Of the technical changes, it is worth noting the presence of a new adjustable suspension, depending on the road surface, the owner will be able to configure the road clearance by pressing a special toggle switch. Having worked on the engine and installing a new exhaust system, engineers were able to increase the power of the power unit by 70 liters. With. Also, experts will be able to perform any whim of interior design to choose from owners. So the cost of a tuning complex for Mercedes-Benz SL500 depends only on the financial capabilities of the buyer.

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